Yalin CD

<em>Yalin</em> CD

CD and booklet design for Yalin. He is the new Turkish Pop Star icon. Following 1½ years of hard work, his debut album Ellerine Sağlık, produced by Selim Öztürk, was released. The song "Zalim" became one of the major summer hits of 2004. Unlike most Turkish pop s...
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Roswell DVD art

<em>Roswell</em> DVD art
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  • ae42f5d3-dc5d-4cd7-88f7-49a0b943d517.jpg
  • 700a0629-5259-42de-9c69-f07394cffafb.jpg

Key-Art design exploration. Roswell focuses on three teenage alien-human hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico. They are survivors of the 1947 UFO crash popularly known as The Roswell Incident. Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding were sent to Earth as clone...
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Box design for Alien vs. Predator

Box design for <em>Alien vs. Predator</em>

Box designfor Alien vs. Predator, also known as AVP, is a 2004 American science fiction film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson for 20th Century Fox. The film adapts the Alien vs. Predator crossover imprint bringing together the eponymous creatures of the Alien and Predator series, a...
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Constellation Key-Art and Packaging

<em>Constellation</em> Key-Art and Packaging
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  • ef97f508-b7e0-40f9-a5f1-d07f4a2ad071.jpg
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  • cb919bab-fc43-47c9-8a8b-52cfa34c1533.jpg
  • 64f3a296-860d-4a2c-b66c-0db361b36fe7.jpg
  • cff6f648-4407-4130-9631-82d17e2f59cb.jpg
  • b355c77f-653b-4dc1-a6f1-d67c0c307da8.jpg

Key-Art design exploration. Constellation is a film that had a limited release in 2007 after debuting in several film festivals.It is directed by Jordan Walker-Pearlman and distributed by Codeblack Entertainment, Shoreline Entertainment. Returning to Huntsville, Alabama—a t...
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Cola Turka Light can design

<em>Cola Turka Light</em> can design

Cola Turka Light can design

Cola Turka can design

<em>Cola Turka</em> can design
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  • edc863f6-bacb-41e9-88fe-c076ceb11540.jpg
  • eaf6323c-a341-4f52-8b90-a9fa6322aada.jpg

Cola Turka can design

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  • Promotional Material proposal for <em>Turkish Basketball Federation</em>
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